HOMESICK -literally

I'm homesick!
No, not that I miss (or don't miss) my family, my friends, my favorite food: lasagna and pizza with a lot of cheese, other things like mie pangsit kampung, bubur ayam sepeda yang lewat di depan rumah, gorengan: cireng, tahu isi, bakwan, bakwan malang, siomay, pangsit goreng, mie ayam, gado-gado, ketoprak, TEH BOTOL, kopi nescafe kaleng yang Arabica, fried chicken, eat-able Jap food like HHBento. I miss taking a taxi everywhere I go -even if it's just 2-3 kilo away. I miss screaming to my faithful maid to make me any food when I'm hungry. I miss my friends gossiping about other friends....... you know..... of course I miss them all.
BUT, they just seem insignificant right now.
I've been feeling miserable knowing that I'm really really HOME-SICK. I'm sick because I miss my HOME, my HOUSE -the BRICKS and STONES!!!

My old house which is even older than myself, and is perhaps as old as my father, which I've known dearly since I was 4 months old, has the memories of my childhood, my adolescence, my adulthood.
My very house has my foot steps and finger prints everywhere, has a big bathroom that I used to spend hours in it, owns green-old-stoned floor tiles that are not made anymore, and it also houses a very naughty genie (or two?),
My dear house also has a garden that smells like the grass after the rain comes, has pohon jambu air that was planted the moment I moved to that house some 30 years ago (that tree has served me well since my childhood. It has became my place of climbing practice, my place of hiding from adults since they couldn't climb it or just a place to eat its fruits), has a big old mango tree that was planted when the house was built some 60 years ago, and it was once painted with Hikari's drawing (used to, now it's clean, my mom said). I miss my house. (I think Hikari misses it as much as I do because he always loved to play in its not-so-sophisticated-but-very-nice garden). Even worst, I couldn't enjoy my house anymore when I'm back, simply because............ it won't be ours any longer.
My parents will move away and the house will be somebody else's............................................................
(May be I shouldn't return at all)
ps: I don't know if you can understand that I CAN miss my house that much. It means a lot to me. It is my home.


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