My Everyday Life (in Japan)

Ever since I moved to Japan, I keep having questions like "what do you do there?".
Well, it has a lot of answers and at first I was thinking of giving you pictures... you know... let them speak for themselves. Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of me.. cooking, washing the dishes, laundrying, ironing, cleaning the house, watching a lot of dvds, emailing you, telephoning my mom, listening to cds, reading cooking recipes, studying the recipes, reading best-seller novels, watching boring tv programs, WATCHING WEATHER REPORTS, playing with Hikari, munching, staring at the snow from our backside glass door, being tortured by the cold, shopping for groceries or for fun, taking Hikari to the amusement section (in a department store), strolling to a supermarket, visiting a supermarket, window shopping in a supermarket :)), riding a bike everywhere, taking a train everywhere, and above all I don't have pictures of me spending hours in hot shower!!
I've however managed to get some photos from to show you a little bit of what I do here. There are some things I don't do, though: 1) We never take a taxi because it is WAY TOO EXPENSIVE! 2) We don't have the chance -yet- to ride in a bus because these buses just don't go where we go. Besides, they are slower than train but more costly. 3) We don't have the chance -yet- to travel by a Shinkansen because it's too expensive to ride one if the destination is 'too' near!

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So, basically, what I do here consists of doing household chores, cycling to every part of the town (we have two bikes, the one seen here is not ours), shopping, travelling by train, and ENJOYING LIFE........... What else could a (wo)man possibly want???


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