Aaaaaarrrgghhhh........ I still have an unfinished business with these weather guys on tv. They make me a paranoid. It seems like they are haunting me to wherever I go and whatever I do.....
If I ignore them, I will end up crawling on some windy cold street in Tokyo -wet from head to toe- or end up crying over a huge pile of wet laundry at home in Honjo. If I miss watching the weather forcast on tv at night, every plan I have made during the previous day would soon be ruined................ To make it worst, internet forcasting is not as accurate as the tv forcast :( Argghh.. what's the matter with you, guys???!!?? There goes my peace of mind...... everynight!!! The most wonderful moment in my everyday life becomes the sight of a sun symbol and a weather man saying tomorrow will be sunny and nicely warm........huahuahuahuaaaaa :( :( :(


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