Here, There, Everywhere, Nowhere

It's not yet a week, but people have been knock... knock... knocking at the the heaven's door, eh, at my door. It's not my intention to stay away from the blog too long (or in this case, from the computer). Trust me: I miss writing in this blog more than you miss reading it. But one thing led to another, time passed, and here I am totally aware that it's Saturday at 3 AM again.

First, Hikari was down with fever, cold, and cough for 3 days in the beginning of the week. He stayed at home and that means I had to stay away from the computer.
Then, Papap has been preparing for his presentation of thesis defense for next week. That also means I absobloodylutely have to stay away again from the computer.
After that, Hikari's school had this Tanabata festival which required me to visit his school which also means that I had to stay away from the computer.
Next, I've got this request to teach Indonesian food to Honjo citizens Sunday morning, and that also means o-mi-god do I have to stay away from the computer again???

"If you suffer, thank God! It is a sure sign that you are alive."
Elbert Hubbard

But, I've determined that I won't be beaten by those tiny weeny problems. I'll be back with more stories about my improving-cooking career and that six-six homework from Mia-the-Ridho. Of course, when the owner of this computer is nowhere around...

*picture: Hikari and Papap when they think I spend more time with this blog than with them.

**special thank-you note for Alaryix for his code-enlightment ;b


    ya wes, ditunggu cerita masak memasaknya ya. kalo emang repot ya dikit-dikit aja deh memuncratkan kata-katanya. nggak papa kok. yang penting lo nongol dikit lah disini. oke? *maksa mode set on high level*

    emang ketagihan ya baca blog yang satu ini hehehehe..
    btw saya sudah sembuh:), sekarang lagi ngejar2 jangkrik :)) ...
    eH boleee dilink khan mba' blognya ya.. ya..ya.. ;;) ...

    sibuk..sibuk.. Ngajar masak yah..kalo bikin ayam kalasan, ajarin cara motongnya ayamnya juga dong..hihihih..

    On 3:56 pm, July 08, 2006 jim said...

    congrets on your new expertise in cooking.. good luck

    jadi tempat pertapaan pindah dari depan kompi ke depan kompor yak? ati-ati bleduk kompornya ye...

    Waaah selamat ya mbaak, hebat euy...

    Hihi, Hikari mirip yaa sama papanya :D

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