Little Things

My wonderful friend, Ratih, sent me this offline message.
And, I really fall for it.

For the things I did wrong, for words which might hurt, for silly jokes you cannot take, for advice you cannot accept, I sincerely apologize. RAMADHAN MUBARAK ...

Sometimes it is the things that we don't mean to say or do, or the things that we mean no harm from them, are the ones that hurt friends innocently.

So, friends, I sincerely apologize.
For everything.


    maap lair batin ya mak. :D

    maap lahir batin, selamat puasa Dev. :D

    mohon maap ya mbak :D

    maap lahir batin ya....

    maaf lahir batin ya...

    maafin aku juga ya mbak..

    aku...jugaa....aku juga...
    eh..bagi2 angpo yak??
    apa?? Bagi2 maaf???
    mau juga deh :D

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