Reunion: Reasons for Not Coming?

Is it now the season for having a reunion already? I just read about it in Mbok'e and now I have an invitation for one myself.
For all the years passed after my last graduation, I've never had a formal-and-official reunion. Well, actually I had one for my elementary school six years after we graduated (that was a long long long time ago), but I don't count it as a reunion. The reason is simple: my elementary classmates were mostly my next-door neighboors. If we didn't see each other often after graduation, we would see our parents or our siblings like... everyday anyway (neighbor, see?). So, what's the use of having a reunion when we would always bump into each other in front of each other's house? Anyway, we did have a reunion, just for the fun of it.

Then time passed, still I had never attended one. One reason is because there never was an official one (official= organized by a committee consisting of the graduates and the school involved). Another reason is I was not in town even when they had unofficial ones.

Do I look forward to it?
Honestly... I am not into reunion. A big-official reunion where people dress up and behave. Not then, not now, for a simple yet foolish reason: I'm not a sociable-kind of person. I am never successful in making a sociable conversation. I'm not good in answering the WHquestions or asking the right WHquestions.

Me: Hi, Lina?
She: Leni.
Me: Oh.... silent... How are you?
She: Fine.
Me: Coming alone?
She: Yes.
Me: Oh... silent...

Then I would feel awkward all over among these strangers.
Well, what do you call people whom you don't see for more than 10-15 years?
Old friends? Sure! If you keep in touch. If not?
Whenever I am in a new situation meeting new people, I am usually trembling, clumsy and dumb. I don't know what to do, what to say. I need time (like a month or two) to become my full self again. So, reunion for me means something between the urge and the curiosity to meet my old friends again, and the pain of pretending. Pretending to know what to feel, what to say, and how to respond... Ugh... I wish you know what I am trying to say...
I'd rather have a small gathering once in 3-6 months where everyone can be comfortable for not behaving...


    Ooo ... behave (Austin Power).
    Masih mau ketemuan di Shinjuku? :D

    heheheh emang sih kalo reuni itu kadang ada nuansa 'formalitas demi kekompakan' juga. ga cuma urge to meet some old friends. jadi agak 'dipaksakan' gituuu... ;)

    aku banged tuh mba':P.. ato emang khusus buat nyindir diriku neh! *hueheuhue parno :D:D:D*.. ..

    Wah, asyik tuh kalau pas di Shinjuku nanti kita ber not behave. I'm soooo into it. September tahun depannya lagi masih ada kesempatan itu nggak ya? Gue kan mau kaos-kaosnyah.

    Asik, tau. Yah at least mine was. hehe...

    Liat2 foto2 jadul, inget2 kelakuan2 konyol jadul, pokoke yg serba jadul itu ternyata seru jg

    kalo reunian formal, akhirnya kebentuk kelompok2 yg comfort to meet to each other saja ndak bakalan menyatu semuanya.enakan nggak usah formal jeng..:D

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