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Pluto is no longer considered a planet. Don't ask me why.
Here I am thinking if anyone in the Ministry of Education OF that country knows about this, yet. It wouldn't be funny if our children -from all races in the world- are the only ones who still think there are NINE PLANETS...

They say the Japanese are workaholic. Do please explain to me why all shops all over the country close at 8 PM?

Yes, in our country it is always summer.
Yes, most of us are dark-skinned.
No, we don't go to any beauty clinics to darken our skin.
Well, we think the word 'exotic' means we are dark-skinned.
At least I do think so.


    iya, gue kecewa pluto nggak jadi planet lagi. gue kan menyimpan obsesi rekreasi ke planet pluto....

    They close at 8PM - because they need to work at the karaoke bar till the next morning :D.

    Heheheh.,Kumaha damang?

    iya.. saya juga terkejut kalo Pluto bukan termasuk planet..

    kalo nggak salah, pluto ndak memenuhi salah satu syarat sebuah planet, yaitu tidak membagi orbitnya dengan benda angkasa lain yg seukuran kecuali satelitnya sendiri. dan ternyata pada orbitnya terdapat bend-benda trans neptunus.. :D

    pluto disebut juga dengan planet kerdil :D

    disini jam 6 juga udah padaa tutup... :(

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